A positive performance culture

Our ambitious mind-set and engagement are the foundation our success is built on.

Winning culture driven by innovation and flexibility

Our open and bright office, which is centrally located in Aarhus, frames our everyday life at Lind Capital. Here, we co-operate in creating strong results in market conditions that change on a daily basis.

Our everyday is characterized by energy and a strong pace that create a positive performance culture. A culture that focuses on competency development, mutual flexibility, and a great social environment.

Our ambitious mind-set and engagement are the foundation our success is built on

Cross-functional teams

To stay proactive on the development of the market, we have a great focus on cross-functional teams, which means that we naturally challenge and develop our competencies. When everyone contributes constructively, we accelerate on each other’s strengths, opening up to innovation.

We continuously work on strengthening our internal knowledge environment, which is why we invest in the development of every employee’s professional competences on the basis of both personal and business-related needs.

Mutual flexibility

Naturally, the changing market conditions put high demands on every employee’s ability to adapt. In the same manner, it can be expected that Lind Capital as working place also offers flexibility. For instance, we are well aware of the fact that it is important to balance work and family life. Therefore, we also try to meet different needs in the best manner possible..

A great social environment

Having a great social environment at the office is very important to us. We frequently play table football, we arrange betting at bigger sport events, and we celebrate our successes with benefits, greater parties, and by ringing the company bell.