A 17 year old start-up

We are a proprietary trader with zero external investors allowing our 20+ team to focus on quantitative models that deliver high returns. We are passionate about the equity market. We dislike meetings, powerpoints, politics, and committees, but prefer to look at the code or the chart together over the screen for a few minutes and make the decisions there and then. We were founded in 2007, yet continue to see ourselves as a start-up.

Coders, quants, and traders

We apply market risk neutral hedging and seek to generate alpha irrespective of market price fluctuations. We do this by conducting thousands of trades per day using software that we wrote ourselves, models that we developed ourselves, data that we curated ourselves, and with intelligent and model-based trading decisions on top.

Our trading activities add billions of kroner of liquidity to  the stock market every single month. This reduces average bid-ask spreads and enables larger sized trades for other investors and thus contributes to a more efficient market.

We are a geeky and highly educated team of experts within data science, financial markets, machine learning, software development, risk management, trading, and modelling. We win through team work across all of these areas of expertise.

We treat our colleagues as grown ups

We dislike rigorous decision processes, hierarchies, meetings, and lots of leaders with different opinions. We believe in hiring and pampering outstanding specialists and then allowing those specialists to make decisions that specialists are typically not allowed to make in the average company. Our traders are given substantial decision power on risk taking, we buy mac’s to all our developers and data scientists as they prefer that over PCs, anyone can spend however much they want on lunch anywhere they like and expense it, we offer everyone the opportunity to become shareholders, and more.

The specialists we hire are outstanding at what they do, and our leadership mantra is to avoid getting in the way and instead support our specialists with what they need for us to win in the market.

Training and development means on-the-job learning only for some. For others it means external coaching or training. The latter we support by footing the bill.

Technology driven

We apply sophisticated trading strategies to various niches of the stock market. Doing this well requires systems, models, and data that is better than that of competition. Technology is therefore core business for us, and we are as much a technology company as a trading company. 

We operate with a distributed architecture, a modern approach to programming, a mix of cloud and server infrastructure, and tailor-made services and applications written by our software developers.

We apply the technologies that our coders deem most relevant to solve the problem at hand, while staying true to our dev-ops principles. We do this while having the luxury of being able to focus deeply on topline generating technology.  Our lack of customers, external investors, and physical products means that non-top-line generating activities such as GDPR, compliance, invoicing, access rights, etc. are almost non-existing complexities for us.

diversity and esg

As of mid 2024, 22% of our employees are female, and 22% of our employees are of non-Danish origin. Both metrics have increased substantially over the past two years, and our policy is to increase them further. Multiple actions around inclusiveness, non-biased hiring, English as the corporate language,  and more support this.

Our ESG policy dictates which stocks we decide against trading from a values-based standpoint (and hence which companies we do not indirectly support through higher liquidity and lower bid-ask spreads on their stock exchange listing). 

Moreover, our majority owner supports multiple social initiatives through the Lind Foundation as well as donations to the construction of a new football stadium in Aarhus.