Meet our diverse teams

We are more than 50 employees in our different teams here at Lind Capital. We share an open and bright office landscape with great facilities, which ensure our good working environment.

Room for differences

Despite being a busy company, we want to make sure that Lind Capital is a pleasant place to be employed. There is a good spirit in the office with room for difference.

We are a small organisation, where our management is close to our employees, and where everybody has a voice. It all contributes to job satisfaction and our informal work culture.

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On our trading floor, focus is on creating ambitious results in a co-operative and innovative environment.

As a part of Lind Capital’s focus on staying ahead of the ever-changing financial markets, every employee on our tradingfloor contribute in optimising and developing quantitative trading models and trading strategies in close co-operation with our quantitative research team. 

Our Traders also work closely with our Technology team because systems and software make it possible for us to adapt to the market. The co-operation with Technology is therefore a prerequisite for our traders’ ability to trade effectively.

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Technology / DATA

At Lind Capital, our trading strategies are data driven and we build our technology to perfectly fit our needs.

We continuously digest large amounts of data, and with a strong technological platform we can automate and customize real time analytics and sophisticated modelling. We execute several thousand trades daily and place an even larger number of orders daily through our inhouse trading infrastructure, which is event-driven and built from a microservice-based way of thinking.

Throughout the last couple of years, we have scaled our business through automatization, and our focus on technology as a key enabler will remain in the years to come, as automation and efficient data dissemination and evaluation will remain essential to both our ability to scale as well as the overall success of Lind Capital.


quantitative Analysis

In team Quantitative Analysis, research and analysis are created in order to support the development of both new business areas and new market areas. 

Our Quantitative Analysts work closely together with our traders with the common aim of optimising our current trading models. Quantitative Analysis is therefore a decisive factor for our ability to keep developing our business and adapting to new situations on the markets.

finance & risk

In our Finance/Risk team, we manage risk and capital structure, and through analyses and reports we generate insights that help our traders (and our leadership team) make the right decisions.

We work with dynamic PowerBI reports, we do complex econometric risk modelling in Python, and we devise smart ways to follow up on all types of risks. In the team, we engage with our Traders on day-to-day perfor-mance assessments, with our SW Developers on systems and databases, and with our operations team on liquidity and currency management.

People & Communication

Our People & Communication team focuses on both communication and HR. In HR we know that our success criteria number one is our employees. Therefore, we continuously work with attracting the most talented employees and developing the ones, we have.

In communication, we continuously work with developing both Lind Capital’s webpage, our presence on social media, and the employer brand of Lind Capital.


The Operations team has a central function within a variety of areas in Lind Capital. Among other thing, the team ensures that every trade settles timely, and that our cash management between our clearing agents is handled. The team is also responsible for following up on margin requirements and generates risk reports, both on a daily and monthly basis.

The team works closely together with clearing agents, brokers, and Lind Capital’s trading floor on all matters related to trading activity. The team is continuously focused on developing our internal setup, models, and reporting tools as well as the team collaborates with our Technology team on improving and optimizing internal procedures and systems.