Meet our diverse teams

We are more than 40 employees in our different teams here at Lind Capital. We share an open and bright office landscape with great facilities, which ensure our good working environment.

Room for differences

Despite being a busy company, we want to make sure that Lind Capital is a pleasant place to be employed. There is a good spirit in the office with room for difference.

We are a small organisation, where our management is close to our employees, and where everybody has a voice. It all contributes to job satisfaction and our informal work culture.

People & Communication

Our People & Communication team focuses on both communication and HR. In HR we know that our success criteria number one is our employees. Therefore, we continuously work with attracting the most talented employees and developing the ones, we have.

In communication, we continuously work with developing both Lind Capital’s webpage, our presence on social media, and the employer brand of Lind Capital.

Finance, Risk & Compliance

Our Finance, Risk & Compliance team identifies, measures, and monitors Lind Capital’s risks and handles the company’s compliance, controlling, and financial matters.

The team also handles activities such as working out monthly reports, maintaining the company’s internal controls, bookkeeping, handling of salary, and paying our creditors.


It is our Projects team’s main task to make sure that Lind Capital stay at the forefront of the development on the financial markets.

The team search for markets or products, where Lind Capital can take advantage of the technological knowledge we see as our cutting edge, where we can get a detailed knowledge of the market, and where it is possible to establish market neutral trading strategies, which can contribute in a positive way to the bottom line figures at Lind Capital.

Quantitative Research

In our Quantitative Research unit, analyses are created in order to support the development of both new business areas and new market areas.

Our quantitative analysts co-operate closely with our traders with the common aim of optimising our current trading models. Quantitative Research is therefore a decisive factor for our ability to keep developing our business and adapting to new situations on the markets.

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On our trading floor, focus is on creating ambitious results in a co-operative and innovative environment.

As a part of Lind Capital’s focus on staying dynamic and innovative, all people in the trading team contribute to optimising and developing quantitative trading models and trading strategies in close co-operation with our analytics department. Moreover, trading works closely with our IT department because systems and software make it possible for us to adapt to the market. The co-operation with IT is therefore a prerequisite for our traders’ ability to trade effectively.

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In the Technology team, there is no external clients or deadlines – our software developers focus on creating high-quality software for our in-house trading. To ensure this high quality, our developers work with agile development methods including the Kanban method and continuous integration.

Our systems must handle large data amounts up to 100,000 messages per second with the lowest latency possible. To handle this, we host our server environment and networks internally; the focus being on high availability, minimizing downtime and eliminating single points of failure. For this reason, big data, concurrency, and near-real-time processing are a big part of every day in our IT department.

Organisational chart

Our organisation chart reflects that we are proud to call LC a flexible organisation with short communications paths, which contributes to better co-operation across every department. We believe that every department has special skills that we cannot do without and therefore we highly appreciate the work effort from every single employee. Our organisational chart illustrates how we see our entire staff as equally important in terms of defining Lind Capital’s success.

The purpose of our vertical organisation is to challenge all employees to become more active and productive by involving them more in the decision process and thereby giving them a greater feeling of ownership. Because as an employee at Lind Capital, you play an important role in both problem solving and decision making activities.