A dynamic challenger

Where we come from, and where we are headed..

Where it all started…

In 2007 on March 7, Lind Capital was founded by Henrik Lind, a banker and entrepreneur. With his market knowledge and innovative mindset, Lind Capital was a part of the change in the market for Danish investment funds.

Founded in 2007, we continue to cultivate the entrepreneurial, innovative, and team-oriented culture that has been part of us since the beginning.

Where we are headed …

We foster a culture where proactive and innovative people work together to create superior results. At the same time, Lind Capital adds liquidity into the markets and thus contributes to a healthy financial system, which is a prerequisite for growth and welfare in society.

Since the beginning, Lind Capital has evolved but our mindset is still the same – to stay open-minded and create superior results through data, deep market knowledge, and our agile tailor-made infrastructure.

Our 3 values

Lind Capital’s three values, Winning, Co-operation, and Open-minded, reflect the attitude and behavior you can expect to meet at the office, and what is expected from you as a part of our organisation.

The value Co-operation symbolises Lind Capital as a horisontal organisation. We focus on knowledge sharing across teams as we believe it helps us connect, perform better, and become stronger as professionals and as one team.

The value Open-minded symbolises Lind Capital as an innovative company seeking to challenge what already exist. We are well aware that we live in a constantly changing world, where it is necessary to stay on top of things. As a consequence, our 90/10 mindset is an integrated part of how we work. 90% of our time is spend on tasks/projects expressed in one’s job description, but 10% is spend on testing new technologies, potential new business, research, or on optimizing what already exist. 

The value Winning represents the mentality to win, which you will find in every one of us at Lind Capital. Our employees are ambitious and responsible, and they possess the desire to be the best.