To make markets more efficient


As an independent trading company, we compete on selected financial markets through value-creating people, excellent business acumen, and a dynamic platform.


Lind Capital’s three values, Winning, Co-operation, and Open-minded, reflect the attitudes, and behaviours that are required of us in order to create value for our company, people, and business partners.

The value Winning represents the mentality to win you will find in every one of our employees at Lind Capital. Our employees are ambitious and responsible, and they possess the desire to be the best.

The value Co-operation symbolises Lind Capital as a vertical organisation, where we focus on knowledge sharing across departments. We believe that it is this co-operation across teams that contributes to the high knowledge level, which is required in order to get success.

The value Open-minded symbolises Lind Capital as an innovative company that seeks to challenge the existing. We are well aware that we live in a constantly changing world, where it is necessary to stay on top of things. Our innovative approach is expressed in our “Innovation Area”, where there is room for brainstorming and new innovative ideas.

Combined, our values express our winner mentality in everything we do, working together as one team, and being open-minded.

We are

Every day, we go to work with one common ailm; To challenge the existing, in order to stay at the forefront of business.

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Business units

Cross business units we have a common aim of creating Lind Capital’s success. Read about the different business units at Lind Capital here:

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Management & board

Meet Lind Capital’s management and board.

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