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Four of our Student Workers, and former Interns, recently graduated and are now a part of Lind Capital full time. We asked them to elaborate on why it was appealing for them to stay at Lind Capital after they graduated. You can read their answers here:

Joachim Krøyer, Software Developer

Working at Lind Capital during my studies
has given me more confidence as
a Software Developer.

My first position in Lind Capital was as an Intern during my studies in Software Technology. I applied for the internship, as I had the impression that it was a place where I would learn a lot. The rather small size of Lind Capital and their values emphasised a place where the employees impact the way the company operates. As all my positive impressions of the company was confirmed during my internship, I gladly accepted, when I was offered to stay as a student employee. After graduation I accepted a full-time position, a decision that I’m routinely reminded is the right one.

A combination of many factors makes Lind Capital a great place to be part of. I’ve grown a lot professionally since I started my internship, as I’ve been able to apply my theoretical knowledge in practice. Here, you are constantly encouraged to be curious to learn and improve. The focus on learning is very important to me as it helps me become better at my job by allocating time to study technical areas that I find interesting.

Personally, one of the most important factors to why I thrive in Lind Capital, is my great colleagues. Having skilled colleagues is fundamental when you’re starting your career, as a part of your development depends on their willingness to share knowledge and provide feedback to you. This is indeed the case here, and then it doesn’t hurt that they are nice to be around, and that we have fun together.

Matilde Meisner, Trader Graduate

My experience from working in different
teams in Lind Capital is an advantage in
my position as a Trader Graduate.

When I studied MSc in Finance and International Business, I did an internship in team Quantitative Research, where I worked on projects within business development and trading. During my internship, I was assigned a project in team Finance and Risk, which later resulted in a student position in that team. Post-graduation I accepted the opportunity to start full-time as a Trader Graduate. My experience from the different teams is a great advantage, particularly my insight into work process and competencies within each team. Additionally, I have gained a lot of knowledge of our capital structure, risk factors, and how we trade. Prior to starting as a Trader Graduate, I got the opportunity to sit next to a Trader for some time, to see if it was a good match. This combined with my prior knowledge from the different teams eased my transfer from student to full time employee.

Our culture cultivating personal growth is what makes Lind Capital a great place to work. When I first started, I appreciated the great effort my colleagues made to help me learn and understand. Afterwards it was nice to see that people trusted me with difficult projects and analysis. I have always had an impact on the project I worked on, which is an important factor for me when choosing a job. The work environment is characterized by a flat company structure and an open mindset. As Lind Capital is quite small and all technology is developed in house, it is easy to get help or discuss potential issues with the right person. Finally, I think we have a lot of fun too, and we often do stuff together outside office hours, both as company events but also in our spare time.   

Anders Løvig, Software Developer

As a graduate right out of university,
I highly value that I have become part
of more than just a job.

During my Computer Science studies, I started as a student employee at Lind Capital. I was trusted with responsibility from the get-go. The fact that I started on smaller projects left time to get introduced to the systems and environment of Lind Capital too. When I had settled in my role, I started on bigger projects. During my time as a student employee, I have always felt that my opinion mattered and were taken into consideration. This is one of the reasons why I knew that I wanted to continue as a full-time employee after completing my studies.

From a student’s point of view, Lind Capital gives a smooth introduction to the job market with responsibility from the start, yet with the understanding that as a student you are still inexperienced. Furthermore, during my studies, my manager and colleagues were very accommodating with my schedule, which allowed a flexible working schedule so I could have maximum focus on my studies when needed.

The social culture in Lind Capital is phenomenal. Even though we work hard, there is time for a good joke, small talk, or challenging each other in a game of table football. There is also a lot of social activities arranged after hours such as sports events, Friday bars or a casual beer after work. Because of this great atmosphere, I always prefer working at the office, instead of from home and I truly feel that I have become part of something more than just a workplace!

Mads S. Jensen, Quantitative Analyst

Being granted a high level of responsibility
as an Intern has shaped my career.

My journey in Lind Capital began as an intern in team Quantitative Research during my degree in Economics. In the beginning, I was actually very surprised by how much responsibility I was granted as an Intern.  To begin with, I of course had to learn how Lind Capital operates and how to code in Python, as I was a complete rookie at first. However, once I had learned the basics, I did a lot of analyses on some of our current trading strategies, and basically tried to identify ways to improve them. I quickly experienced that seniority is not relevant when proposing new trading strategies; the only thing that matters is whether you have a proper argument. At the end of my internship, I was offered a job as Student Analyst, where I got to continue my work on various projects while finishing my studies at Aarhus University. After I graduated, I gladly accepted the offer as a full-time Quantitative Analyst.

I can truly recommend being part of Lind Capital if you want to join a thriving trading company with a great team culture. The company has a quite different approach to the financial markets, which is based more on statistical signals rather than pure fundamentals, which I think is an exciting alternative to the traditional way of trading. Additionally, we have a lot of internal events, so there are plenty of opportunities to socialize across the different teams.

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