Unfolding new skills

With a background in economics, it was an interesting move, when our Trader, Frederik Nielsen, enrolled in a Software Engineering & Architecture course next to his full-time position here at LC. This month, we congratulate him on finishing the course and for taking on a new role as Quant. Trader, supporting our systematic trading journey even more across trading desks.  

“We have a 90/10 mindset at LC, where we spend 90% of the time on projects within our job description and the remaining 10% on gaining new knowledge. This mindset urges all of us to expand the scope of our knowledge, encouraging me to spend my 10% and some of my spare time on attending a computer science course to support more tech and data based trading decisions.

Through the course, I have gained insights into the general principles of software development, enabling me to have the best possible dialogue with our tech team when building the future version of our trading platform. The support and flexibility from LC allowed me to juggle my full-time job and a course at the university simultaneously. I can only recommend others to continuously extend their competencies too”, says Frederik.

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