Top in class employee satisfaction

In Lind Capital we always strive to attain the highest level of job satisfaction among all our employees. Every year, we conduct an anonymous people survey and use the insights to identify potential areas for improvement. Taking a multidimensional approach, measuring on several factors, enables us to embrace differing perspectives.

This year, as in every other year, the results reflect what we also experience at the office – We have something unique to offer and people thrive at Lind Capital. The internationally renowned Global Employee and Leadership Index (GELx) places Lind Capital in the ’Top in Class’ category, and this year, we reached an all-time high employee satisfaction score compared to other companies in Denmark.

Our employees state the following (on a scale from 1-100):

  • In Lind Capital we respect and trust each other: 93 (Benchmark: 84)
  • In Lind Capital, managers contribute to an atmosphere of trust and openness: 92 (Benchmark: 82)
  • We would recommend others to apply for a job at Lind Capital: 91 (Benchmark: 80)
  • Overall job satisfaction in Lind Capital: 83 (Benchmark: 76)        


We have asked 3 of our colleagues to elaborate on what makes them thrive in Lind Capital, and you can read their answers here:

Back in 2012, Thomas Rasmussen graduated from Aarhus BSS with a Master’s in finance, where after his career started in Lind Capital. After almost three years, he went to explore new adventures elsewhere. However, in the end of 2021, he returned as Senior Risk Analyst in our Finance and Risk team.

A big piece in a smaller puzzle

The years away from Lind Capital granted Thomas with interesting insights into the difference between being part of a larger organisation versus a smaller one.

 When asked to reflect on job satisfaction in Lind Capital, Thomas highlights the following aspect:

“One of the great advantages of being a part of a smaller organisation, like Lind Capital where you have around 50 colleagues, is that you are involved in the business in a very broad manner. Opposed to be specialising within a narrow field, as you often are in large organisations, an employees’ professional toolbox is much wider in Lind Capital.

Even though it has only been six months since I returned, I have gained a deep knowledge of our business, and it has been both easier and faster to understand how our teams and individuals are involved in various processes. Consequently, I feel less distant from Lind Capital’s core business, than would often be the case in a large organisation. I perceive this as an advantage, as it enables me to easier identify possible improvement areas within our internal risk management. Furthermore, the process from idea to execution is short, as Lind Capital is a simply structured, horizontal organisation. Here, decisions can be made and executed very quickly, as we avoid time-consuming and bureaucratic processes such as long mail correspondences or filling out internal forms.

The smaller size of the organisation evidently contributes to a thriving social environment, because you naturally get to know a wide range of your colleagues across teams. This cultivates multidisciplinary collaboration and a great sense of individual ownership on the journey to make Lind Capital grow. The close cross-team collaboration combined with being involved in a broader part of the business, make it easier for you to recognise where your work brings value and where you contribute to the overall success of our business”, Thomas finishes.

Julie Larsen is our People and Communication Coordinator, and she is studying a Master’s in Strategic Communication. Her perspective on the high level of job satisfaction in Lind Capital is as follows:

A student’s point of view

“Lind Capital is a great place to outlive your passion weather it lies within trading, software development, finance, communication etc. You are encouraged to challenge yourself and perform to the best of your ability, and the power of shaping your career within the organisation, lies in your own hands. However, there is always someone next to you, who genuinely guides you along the way by the means of meaningful feedback. This kind of personal ambition is a characteristic that we all share in Lind Capital, and the dedication and passion you meet at the office is contagious.

Form a student’s point of view, the open-mindedness within Lind Capital is a force that comes to your advantage. Deeply rooted in the organisation’s mantra is the fact that the best argument always wins, wherefore everyone’s opinion matters independently of position or level of seniority. It is motivating to have a say in the discussions and employ your theoretical knowledge by translating it into actual outcomes. From your very first day, you get free rein to apply your own touch on different projects. The high level of individual responsibility fosters a culture of accountability and trust between colleagues, which advances both my personal development and organisational growth. Moreover, Lind Capital’s 90/10 principle ensures that you continuously expand your knowledge base, also after you graduate, as 10 percent of your time is earmarked for seeking new knowledge.

The culture you become a part of in Lind Capital is unique and indeed a plus, being used to a vibrant, social life of being a student. If you want, you can find the same in Lind Capital, as your colleagues always prioritise attending social events such as Friday bars, trying out various activities in our sports club, summer parties, celebrations at the office and much more. We have several cross-team communities, and I established one between the students and interns working in Lind Capital, where we gather for different events throughout the year. It is a great opportunity to spend time with others who balance a life of working and studying, further it provides a new perspective on other teams and their functions in the organisation. All in all, I believe the continued investment in individual development and focus on sustaining a great, social environment at the office, are two of the many reasons for the high level of job satisfaction in Lind Capital”, Julie closes. 

Asbjørn Brandt, our Senior Business Intelligence Specialist, emphasises the hybrid workplace, as one of the clear benefits of working in Lind Capital:

The agile workday

“Our office is based in the center of Aarhus, close to the Central Station, making it very convenient to use public transport to and from work. However, as an increasing number of us live longer from the office, some are embracing a hybrid solution, where working in-office and remote is combined.

In the last couple of years, we have accelerated our use of cloud-based technologies in Lind Capital, which benefits both the organisation and the employees. As I live with my family in Hobro, located 60 km north of Aarhus, having the opportunity to work remote means that I can sometimes avoid the long commute and instead spend more time with my family. Since my allocation of time is also more flexible, I can balance my professional and personal life even better. Being able to work from home instead of spending hours in public transport every day, is something I value highly when living far from the office. Furthermore, it often limits the number of interruptions, which can drastically increase productivity on certain tasks and projects when working remotely. In general, Lind Capital is a flexible organisation, which carries several benefits, one of them being the responsibility and freedom of scheduling your own time, enabling me to select the hours of the day, where I am most focused and productive.

Even though some of us work from home now and then, I experience a continued focus on cultivating a great, social atmosphere at the office on an everyday basis through different gatherings and celebrations. A shared, physical work environment remains the number one setting for social interaction, so I enjoy every time I work at the office as well. So, if you are interested in becoming a part of Lind Capital, you should not be letting the distance to where you live get in the way”, Asbjørn concludes.  

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