The rise of our trading models squad

Managing our trading models in production is not an easy task, as it demands a certain mix of skills to get it right. Our Trading Models Squad brings together the competencies of Data Engineers, Software Developers, Machine Learning Engineers, and Data Analysts 🚀

With a background in Quantitative Analysis, Rasmus is excited to be joining the squad:

“For years, I have worked on and off with our trading models from an analytical perspective. Now I get to bring that knowledge in to the squad and in return learn a lot about the infrastructure of a model in production. I think it is great how our cross functional squad entails a shorter path from idea to implementation, as we can act on every part of the value chain of the models. Besides this, programming and machine learning are great interests of mine, and being part of this squad enables me to cultivate this in my daily work. On top of this, I get to utilize and improve my python skills to an even greater extend”, says Rasmus.

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