Henrik Tveteraas

Director, Head of Trading

+45 8731 0092

Trading at Lind Capital

At Lind Capital, we trade at our own risk, using our own capital. This makes us more independent and provides us with the opportunity to be innovative. It is this innovative approach to business that makes us a different and dynamic player in the markets.

Flexible infrastructure and short processes

At Lind Capital, we have a strong knowledge environment, providing the opportunity to accelerate on each other’s strengths across teams and make processes short. The flexible infrastructure means that we are very adaptable and able to seize opportunities in order to bring our business forward and avoid the inefficiency that holds other organisations back. On the basis of our flexible infrastructure, we are capable of exploiting our insight as soon as opportunities arise.


Technology is essential to Lind Capital’s business

Our approach to technology is ambitious, yet pragmatic. Our IT department is well-equipped for solving different challenges in co-operation with our just as motivated traders and analytical team. Technology serves as the basis for our trades, and it creates flexibility in the organisation in that we can adapt our organisation to internal needs. Systems and software make it possible for us to adapt quickly to market changes and technology is therefore a prerequisite for our ability to trade effectively.

If you are interested in learning more about the company, please contact our Head of Trading, Henrik Tveteraas.

Our business

Lind Capital’s business strategy is to create a positive return on liquidity and risk imbalances in the financial markets.

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Risk management

As market neutral participant, risk management plays a significant role in Lind Capital’s business strategy.

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