Trading at Lind Capital

We meet possibilities.

Flexible infrastructure
and short processes

At Lind Capital, we trade at our own account and risk, meaning we do not manage funds from external parties, nor do we deliver any external client services. Our business strategy is to create a positive return on liquidity- and risk-related imbalances in the markets in which we act. We do so by developing market neutral trading strategies, which in turn bring liquidity into the markets.

We have a strong knowledge environment, providing the possibility to accelerate on each other’s strengths across teams and make the processes short. The flexible infrastructure means that we are very adaptable and able to seize opportunities in order to bring our business forward and avoid the inefficiency that holds other organisations back. On the basis of our flexible infrastructure, we are capable of exploiting our insight as soon as new opportunities arise.

Our business


Our business model is based on technology and data, and we use our market knowledge, and well-tested, customized systems and tools to gain the informational insights we then act on.
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Risk management

We fight shoulder by shoulder

As market neutral participant, risk management plays a significant role in Lind Capital’s business strategy.
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