Risk management at Lind Capital

As market neutral participant, risk management plays a significant role in Lind Capital’s business strategy. Thus, during our ten year lifetime, our performance has been independent of market price increases or declines. Our risk management is in other words an inherent part of our business strategies and is a focus throughout the organisation from trading to analysis to Back Office.

Our strong and systematic risk management makes us capable of minimising the risk of our positions. By using our risk management proactively, we minimise the risk of leaving our success or failure to factors of which we have no opinion.

It is therefore our analytical approach to risk management that provides us with a lasting edge as a company and makes us capable of exploiting imbalances in the market independently of market conditions. Furthermore it is our risk management that has allowed us to continuously grow throughout the last ten years.

Our business

Lind Capital’s business strategy is to create a positive return on liquidity and risk imbalances in the financial markets.

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At Lind Capital, we trade at our own risk, using our own capital. This makes us more independent and provides us with the opportunity to be innovative.

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