CEO steps down after 16 years at Lind Capital, CFO to take over as new interim CEO.

Lind Capital’s CEO, Martin Markussen, is stepping down from his position after 16 years in the company. Martin Markussen will be succeeded by Tue Harritz Grosen, who currently serves as the company’s Chief Financial Officer.

During his many years in the company, Martin Markussen has played an instrumental role in shaping Lind Capital into what it is today. During that time, he has led the company through many challenges and successes, and his leadership and contributions will be remembered and appreciated by everyone in Lind Capital.

With this change in leadership, Lind Capital is embarking on a new chapter. Tue Harritz Grosen, the incoming interim CEO, comes with extensive experience in leading teams, managing budgets, and developing strategic plans. Not only from his time as CFO and part of the management group in Lind Capital, but also from his time as Senior Director at the Maersk owned company APM Terminals in the Netherlands. Tue is well-versed in Lind Capital’s operations, understands the culture and values, and has demonstrated an exceptional ability to navigate complex business challenges.

“I am honoured to take on the role of interim CEO and lead Lind Capital into the future,” says Tue Harritz Grosen and continues: “As we move forward, our focus will be on building upon Lind Capital’s strong foundation, exploring new opportunities, and delivering strong performance, and I look forward to working with our talented team to achieve our shared goals.”

The Chairman of the Board in Lind Capital, Peter Høltermand, thanks Martin Markussen for his many years of hard work and unwavering commitment to Lind Capital throughout the years. To the appointment of Tue Harritz Grosen as the company’s new interim CEO he says: In the Board of Directors, we look forward to working with Tue in his new role and are excited about the future of our company under his leadership.”

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