Unfolding the potential of Lind Capital

March 18, 2019

Lind Capital annual report 2018

We are as much a technology company as we are a trading company; a fact that becomes clearer by each passing year, 2018 being no exception. Two of the greatest enablers for our platform are our technology efforts, where we continuously generate high-quality software for our in-house trading setup, as well as our research and modelling efforts where we generate customized analyses and models

The heart of Lind Capital is our people, and the development of our people has always been a top priority for Lind Capital. Therefore, it is highly satisfactory to experience consistently uplifting annual results from our internal satisfaction survey. The culture and environment we have at Lind Capital allow our employees to set high standards for us as an employer and vice versa. We will continue focusing greatly on employee development going forward – whether you are newly qualified or an experienced employee.

Looking forward, our new strategy will focus on the development of Lind Capital by widening our trading horizon. We will invest in scaling, developing our pricing ability, and focusing on our data capabilities to become truly data-driven. In short: we are ready to unfold the potential of Lind Capital.

Lind Capital annual report 2018


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