Lind Capital triples its annual result

News regarding Lind Capital Annual Report 2017

12 March, 2018.


Traditionally and since 2007, the market for Danish Exchange traded funds has been Lind Capital’s core business in terms of activity and turnover. Now, the market has changed due to new legislation, but despite the reduced activity on this market Lind Capital can today announce the best result in the company’s history.

The reason behind Lind Capital’s success in 2017 is dedicated to the technology-driven platform and infrastructure which has been build and developed throughout the years, creating flexibility in the organisation. Furthermore, this platform ensures that Lind Capital navigates in the best possible way within new market conditions, and can take advantage of new opportunities arising.

Today, Lind Capital has a much wider portfolio of business areas, and can therefore announce the strongest result in Lind Capital’s history.

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