Management change at Lind Capital

At his own request Allan Rank Jensen has decided to step down from his role as co-CEO at Lind Capital. However, he will not leave Lind Capital as he will continue as Director at the company.

After five years as co-CEO at Lind Capital, Allan Rank Jensen has decided to step down to focus more on his role as CEO at Lind Capital’s sister company, Lind Capital Fondsmæglerselskab (LCFM). Allan Rank Jensen has, with his many years of experience and great network within the financial sector, brought many good things to Lind Capital. Therefore, it is also a great pleasure that Allan Rank Jensen will continue as Director at the company while Martin Markussen will continue as CEO. In regards to the management change, chairman of Lind Capital, Michael Albrechtslund says;

“MiFID II has brought changes to the financial markets, which has created both new opportunities and an increased activity in LCFM. Latest, Allan has been busy in his role as CEO at LCFM, and it is therefore a natural time for him to step down as co-CEO at Lind Capital. I would like to thank Allan for his great effort over the years, and I am pleased that Allan continues to be a part of Lind Capital.”

During the last five years, Allan Rank Jensen and Martin Markussen have had a great teamwork. This is one of the reasons why Lind Capital stands stronger than ever, and holds a solid position in the market today. As a part of Lind Capital’s strategy ‘Dynamic Challenger 2018’ there is a continued focus on developing Lind Capital’s business in the best possible way to accommodate and challenge new opportunities that arise in the market.

“With Martin Markussen as CEO at Lind Capital, I continue to see great potential for the future development of Lind Capital. Martin has been a part of Lind Capital since the beginning, and his competencies within business strategy, business development and leadership are a big part of why Lind Capital is where it is today”, chairman, Michael Albrechtslund explains.

Martin Markussen will carry on a company which has experienced continuous growth during the last years. Lind Capital is a well consolidated company with a strong foundation and professional employees within each team, and Martin Markussen is looking forward to the future journey;

“I am convinced that we can reach even better results in the future due to the strong platform our competent people have helped to build during the last ten years. I have a strong team of people on board, and I am looking forward to develop our business further together”.


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