Henrik Lind takes over the position as chairman of Lind Capital’s board of directors

After two and a half years as chairman, Peter Høltermand steps down and exits the board of directors effective August 21, 2023. Majority shareholder, Henrik Lind, takes over as chairman of the board of directors. The board of directors therefore now consists of Henrik Lind, chairman, Jonas Højhus, board member, and Kim Balle, board member.

The changes have been mutually agreed between the board of directors and Peter Høltermand. They reflect a desire by Henrik Lind to step up as chairman, and a desire by Peter Høltermand to focus his efforts on several other new board assignments. Going forward, Peter Høltermand will support Lind Capital in the role as external consultant on an ad hoc basis.

Henrik Lind states: “I would like to thank Peter Høltermand for his contributions to the development of Lind Capital. Peter has improved governance, risk management, and much more in his time with Lind Capital, and I have enjoyed working together with Peter. As chairman of Lind Capital, I look forward to working closely with both the board of directors and executive management, and I look forward to continuing the good relationship with Peter both privately and via his role as external consultant.”

Peter Høltermand comments: “I thank Henrik Lind, Jonas Højhus, Kim Balle, and Lind Capital’s leadership team for the teamwork over the last two and a half years. It has been a privilege to work together, and I look forward to following and supporting Lind Capital going forward.”

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