My internship experience with Lind Capital

Blog entry by Trader, Mads (former Intern).
Autumn 2018, Mads interned full-time in team quantitative research at Lind Capital. Now, Mads is employed as Trader in our US trading team.

During my internship in the QR team, I was involved in several projects. E.g. a project regarding implementing signals for the Traders to use, and another project included a large quantitative analysis of a specific event in collaboration with a Trader. Through these projects I developed a deep knowledge of the required statistical techniques and further developed my skills within programming languages.

In the last half of my internship, I was assigned to a project where I was looking into a new market opportunity. The overall project was only broadly outlined, which made the project very open. I gathered information and data, and I tried different trading strategies to evaluate the prospects of the market. I mostly worked independently on the project but had professional back-and-forth with colleagues when needed. The project resulted in an in-depth knowledge of the market, basic strategies were checked and my own backtest was implemented. Through the project, I learned a lot about coding, trading, and backtesting.

Even though, I was employed as an Intern at Lind Capital, my inputs, ideas, and thoughts were welcomed as well as I was expected to state my opinion on projects, processes etc. Along the way, I learned a few things about being an Intern: Rushing things will often cause problems and never be afraid to ask for help (even though you feel you are constantly asking) because we all work for the same goal.

Lind Capital believes in knowledge-sharing and cross-team co-operation and arranges various events and happenings outside working hours in order to bring colleagues from different teams closer together. At the same time, Lind Capital focuses on personal and professional development and invests in their people, creating both inspired and dedicated employees, as well as a fun and ambitious working environment.

All in all, my internship at Lind Capital gave me a deeper knowledge of quantitative analysis and research in a real world context. I developed my programming skills, and I found out what it is like being a part of a professional working environment, which makes me more prepared for future career steps. On a personal level, I have gained a better realisation of my own preferences and increased my analytical skill set. All of this would not have been possible to the same degree without my internship, and I would highly recommend everyone to do an internship if possible.

If you are interested in quantitative research and analysis, we have an open position as Intern in our QR team at from august 2021. Find our job vacancies here and apply through the application form. We go through applicants on a continuous basis.

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