Lind Capital sprints on cross-functional projects

Blog entry by HR Senior Manager, Mia S. Lauridsen

At Lind Capital, we have introduced “sprints” as a new working method inspired by the more agile approach known from the technology world. To be more specific, we have found inspiration in the agile working method Scrum, where you work with shorter processes and thereby enable a more dynamic approach to projects. This mind-set has gradually worked its way into most development departments but at Lind Capital, we seek to extend the approach and not only use the sprint method on IT projects but on cross-functional projects as well. Other development methods such as Kanban, Crystal etc. are similar to Scrum in many ways, but these methods have other characteristics. Scrum is characterised by structuring the work in iterations, also known as sprints. The duration of a sprint may vary, but will often be over a period of 1-4 weeks.

Preparation is essential for a successful sprint. Prior to each sprint, it is important to align purpose, goal, length, stakeholders and approach. Depending on the project, it is our experience that a successful sprint will last between 3-10 days. To attain complete dedication to each sprint, the participants dedicate 5 hours daily here, which ensures time for daily tasks as well. The motive for using this specific working method is to enhance innovation in Lind Capital. We invite everyone to bring innovative ideas to the table because we believe that new perspectives and ideas arise when we detach ourselves from our daily routine.

Generally speaking, there is incremental or radical innovation. Incremental innovation brings focus on improvement and optimisation of current solutions. At Lind Capital, we believe that incremental innovation can make a notable difference, which is also why most of our sprints have incremental innovation as foundation, which means that we improve and adjust existing set-ups. We seek to do things smarter, not necessary invent something new and we believe in the value of refining what already exist. Of course radical innovation (some might call it disruption; it goes by many names), which is a more comprehensive change or an entirely new way to do things, exist in Lind Capital. However, it primarily takes place in our Business Development department, where we have a more direct focus on radical innovation.

After we started working in sprints, the feedback from  our employees has been very positive: “greater synergy across business units”, “better understanding of the different areas of business and better use of each other’s expertise” – to sum up, we are very satisfied with all outputs delivered after a sprint. And even though summer is at hand, we will keep on sprinting.

Have a nice summer!


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