A Software Developer in Lind Capital

Blog entry by Raphael Neumann, Software Developer in Lind Capital.

In this blog entry, Raphael Neumann shares his thoughts on moving from Aalborg to Aarhus to join a trading company after graduating, and how the culture at Lind Capital surprised him in a positive way when he joined the company back in 2019.


What is it like being a software developer at Lind Capital?

“As a part of the technology team, you have around 14 colleagues, who jointly develop software, solely used for our in-house trading. Developing for in-house use means that the distance from the developer to the end-user is minimal, enabling us to work with shorter processes, where you quickly see your work in action. I think it is really motivating to develop software which instantly influences my colleague’s ability to do their work. Another advantage of the end-users being only meters away, is that they can provide you with immediate feedback for you to implement directly in your next project. The acknowledgment I receive through this feedback from my colleagues encourages me to develop even better solutions for them in my future projects.”

The culture of Lind Capital

“At Lind Capital you get a lot of responsibility from day one, and during your time in the company, you are encouraged to develop your professional competencies and continuously grow. When I started at Lind Capital, I was positively surprised about the unique culture. Lind Capital is a company, trading within the financial markets, hence you could easily think that the culture is formal and that everyone wears a suit to work. However, this is not the case at Lind Capital. When I started in the company, I met an informal vibe but at the same time everyone is very ambitious. We have a great social environment at the office where we remember to celebrate our wins but also challenge each other in different competitions, such as in a game of table soccer or PlayStation during the day. This combination is great since it allows us to enjoy each other’s company while still focusing on creating the best results.”

Knowledge sharing and co-operation

“The culture at Lind Capital is also very open-minded. This means that you are encouraged to bring new knowledge and ideas to the table. Different perspectives are always welcomed as we, in this way, can inspire each other and develop the company. It does not take long before your thoughts and ideas are turned into actions at Lind Capital, and if we make a mistake during project research or while developing on new ideas, we focus on learning from the mistake, instead of on the mistakes itself. This really gives you the impression that a mistake is okay, as long as we learn from it and use this knowledge to make better decisions tomorrow.

Knowledge sharing is a big part of how we work across teams. If there is something you do not understand about trading, you can always ask the Head of Trading or any other person on the trading floor. At the same time, if someone from another team has an enquiry for a program or system, they can easily reach out to someone in the technology team. This fosters a great culture where we embrace differing perspectives to be inspired and make better solutions.”

Note: If you are interested in a position in our Technology team, you’ll find our open positions here.

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