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Mia S. Lauridsen is HR Director in Lind Capital, where she leads the People & Communication team. Mia has been a part of Lind Capital for the last 7,5 years.

What are you looking for in a candidate to join Lind Capital?

Generally speaking, we are always looking for people who has a unique drive or a passion about something so intense it shows in their eyes, often referred to as “shiny eyes”. It’s also very important for us that candidates have an enterprising mindset as well as a track record of top results to prove it.

We look for individuals who dare to challenge our perspectives and way of doing things, but at the same time recognize the importance of teamwork, meaning you know how to be humble and respectful towards other people’s perspectives.

Furthermore, I am impressed with people who dare to be imperfect. Why? Because we want to foster a learning environment where people can grow – and a prerequisite for that is to trust others with your weaknesses. At Lind Capital we believe that when our people grow, we grow.

What can a candidate expect from a job interview?

You can expect a very honest conversation. We wish to match expectations on both sides of the table, because we always enter a collaboration striving for a long-term relation with the candidate. I believe that this is only possible if the conversation is honest and authentic to begin with.

In most recruitment processes here at Lind Capital, we’ll ask you to prepare an assignment as well as we’ll conduct a behavioral profile on you. We use the assignment to evaluate your professional skills within your field, but we also use it to give you a realistic picture of what to expect in the job you have applied for. Both the assignment and the behavioral profile are included to support our honest conversation.

Personally, I most love, but also hate personality tests. I love them when they are used to create a foundation for a good dialog, and as a tool to help candidates express their behavior or personality. Maybe even to understand own behavioral preferences, and to understand the dynamics behavior creates in a social context. However, when used in a wrong way, one risks to put people in boxes, which is definitely not what we want. To us, people should be allowed to grow and develop over time, if that is what you wish.

Have you ever hired a candidate who did not meet all of the formal qualifications in the job ad?

The short answer is ‘yes’. In our job ad we describe the ideal candidate who is hardly possible to find. If we sense that the candidate has a personality fitting into our culture, has a record of top-results, and is ready to unfold his/hers potential, we are willing to ignore the lack of experience and support a longer learning journey where you develop your professional qualifications.

Our people here at Lind Capital have a very high knowledge level, and we all know it’s crucial that we share our knowledge across the organization in order to succeed. Meaning, if you have the right mindset, and if you are up for a steep learning curve, we know we can teach you professional skills within a specific area. Should I choose between a straight A-student and one with a passionate enterprising mindset I would choose the last.

How can a candidate prepare for the first interview?

The three best tips I can give you, would be:

Research about Lind Capital to get an understanding of what kind of organization we are. Maybe take a look at our social media and browse through our webpage to get an idea of what it’s like being part of Lind Capital. Study our culture.

Think about your competencies, your strengths and weaknesses beforehand, and be ready to talk about your motivation behind applying for Lind Capital.

Prepare questions to ask at the end of the interview. Be curious about the potential job and who we are as an organization. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you might have, and show us that you can bring new perspectives.

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