Lind Capital hires CTO

Lind Capital to accelerate IT- and data-journey by strengthening its leadership with hiring of CTO, Janus Gitz-Johansen

As of March 1, Janus Gitz-Johansen assumes the role as Chief Technology Officer in Lind Capital, where he among other things will be essential in lifting the tech, data, and analytics setup to the next level. Janus comes with perfectly matching competences for this journey, with his more than 10 years of experience in setting the technical direction for the tech and data architecture behind key software and data solutions in eBay, WhiteAway, and Lunar among others.

Lind Capital’s strategy is focused around three key pillars, all of which rely heavily on quantitative- and data-driven decision-making as well as a scalable and efficient technology platform. Lind Capital has created a strong foundation within these areas, but Janus’ previous experience and leadership skills are essential to accelerate our data maturity and analytical capabilities going forward. We are on a journey in the data- and quantitatively driven space and the goal is clear: systematic decision-making driven by self-developed data and quantitative models.  

“I am confident that Janus will hit the ground running as there is room for him to excel with his unique skillset here”, says CEO, Martin Markussen, and elaborates: “While Janus will of course enter the leadership role for our talented modelers as well as our software and data developers, we will also rely on his ability to set the direction for difficult technical solutions, both when it comes to the architecture of our core solutions but also when it comes to improving our data-setup to elevate our quantitative decision-making strategies.”  

In his previous roles, Janus has worked both in a leadership capacity but also in a specialist capacity. Both will be essential in his new role as CTO in Lind Capital, a role which he is eager to assume:

What fascinates me about Lind Capital is how they have managed to build a great business by enhancing decision-making through data and technology”, says Janus and continues: “I’m very excited to work on realising Lind Capital’s strategy of becoming a truly data-driven trading company, where my focus of course will be on our tech and data solutions and architecture, as well as the long-term viability of the solutions we deploy.”

About his first few days at the office, Janus further elaborates: “It has been a couple of eventful days, but mostly it has been a pleasure to be warmly welcomed by such a strong and ambitious team.”

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