LC Community builders

At Lind Capital, we proudly foster a set of diverse communities. These communities have become a core part of our identity and a driving force behind our shared sense of belonging and team spirit. Meet our exceptional community builders and learn more about their motivation behind starting up a community.

Raphael Neumann, Senior Software Developer
Raphael Neumann, Senior Software Developer

LC Runners Club
One of my colleagues started LC Runners back in the day. After a while, I ended up taking over and have been spearheading it ever since. I think it is a nice way to get together and have casual talks, both about business and personal things.

Usually, we meet up once a week and go for a run. It is really cool that we can do it during “normal” office hours since we are not constrained to being at the office. We use the time to catch up with colleagues across teams, as we usually run at a conversational pace. During the summer we usually also take a quick dip in the water out by Aarhus Ø or “Den Uendelige Bro” to cool off, which is quite amazing!

During one of our runs, one of our traders mentioned that there was a process on their side that was quite annoying and while running it was disclosed. Shortly thereafter, Technology ended up building a simple solution to solve the annoyance. This solution ended up providing a lot of value since traders now were able to submit data into our applications based on code, they wrote themselves. This has probably been the biggest success with the LC Runners workwise. 

Maria Færk, People and Communication Assistant

Student & Intern network
All Lind Capital student employees are rarely at the office simultaneously, as work hours are scheduled according to school timetables. Thus, all of us student employees gather in this network to have fun with Lind Capital peers.

An event typically begins with a presentation after work where a colleague will present a relevant topic within their field of expertise. This is a great opportunity to expand our knowledge beyond our own work area. After the presentation, we head out for a fun activity together. So far, we have been to escape rooms, played minigolf, bowling, and pétanque. We always round up the evening by catching up over a nice dinner in the city.

Even though we specialize in different work areas, this network caters to both our professional and personal development, as we get insights into each other’s toolbox and a more profound overview of LC’s business units, while doing fun activities together.

Jeppe Jørgensen, Head of European Trading

LC Wine Club
The reason behind starting the Wine Club is found in my passion for wine. I have built a strong passion for wine, as, besides the fact that I enjoy the taste and the “hygge” associated with consuming it in good company, I have found out through the years that the more I learn about the subject, the more I enjoy consuming it. Like anything else in life, the more you learn, the more interesting it gets. In the Wine Club, I hope to pass on just a tiny fraction of that joy and inspire others to dive into the magnificent world of wine.

The Wine Club gives you the opportunity to socialize with colleagues in a non-work-related context and thereby cultivate cross-team relations, which I believe is very important in order to work together and deliver results.

When we meet in the Wine Club, we usually have some sort of theme. It is totally informal, so anyone can join if they want to learn more about wine, but it is equally fine if you just like the taste of wine and want to have a good time with your colleagues with no intention whatsoever to learn more about wine. I consider the wine club a big success as many people show up and listen to all my talking while also contributing with curious questions.

Maria Kjær Christensen, Senior Communication Manager

LC Sport
I don’t think there are many better ways to spend time together than in a game of sport. That is also why my colleague, Jesper, and I originally started the community, LC Sport. In LC Sport, every employee is welcome to join as we try different sporty activities together. We have previously plunged into trying padel tennis, wakeboarding, indoor climbing, disc golf, etc. together.

Hanging out with colleagues outside of work and getting active with some sports have some pretty awesome perks. First off, it’s a great way to build stronger bonds across teams, and I think that those casual chats and fun moments we experience together can help everyone work better together when we’re back on the job. And here’s the cool part: when we all do stuff together beyond spreadsheets and meetings, we might discover things we’ve got in common. Maybe we love the same weird pizza toppings or share a favorite show. These little things make us feel more like a tight-knit crew, which I think is pretty awesome.

So yeah, spending time with your work buddies while climbing or trying not to fall off a paddleboard can seriously make work feel less like, well, work. It’s all about having fun, getting to know each other, and enhancing the feeling of being part of something more than just a workplace.

Morten Birkmose, Senior Quant. Analyst

The LC CS:GO team started back in 2018, when we were informed of a national CS:GO tournament taking place. It sounded like a great opportunity to have some fun together outside of work, so I gathered a team of five colleagues. As we attended our first tournament, we discovered that we were surprisingly bad, but we had a lot of fun, so we kept attending all the following tournaments. Today, we are a much better team.

We meet virtually once a week to play a tournament with the common goal of beating other companies. In addition to the weekly matches, we also get together from time to time at the office and talk about CS strategies, and we are pretty good at celebrating our victories. When we finish in the top of the group, we usually celebrate with lunch at restaurant Kohalen. One of our biggest achievements was when we won our group!

The CS:GO community has contributed to a better social environment in LC by bringing together people across the organization who normally don’t work together. I believe that our teamwork in CS:GO is reflected in the work we do in Lind Capital, and has a very positive effect on how we work, create results, and celebrate together.

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