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Blog entry by Senior Software Developer, Jonas Agger Jørgensen.

My career in Lind Capital started as an intern. Originally, I had always seen myself going to a consultant firm or to one of the bigger company names within software. However, a conversation with the Head of Technology at Lind Capital changed my career plans. The technologies Lind Capital uses were familiar to me and were some of my favourites. But most importantly to me, the company also seemed like a place where people were openminded in regards to giving new tech and ideas a chance. The technology team at Lind Capital develops software for internal use which means the distance between developers and end users is minimal. It also means there’s a lot of new development vs. maintenance work, which was also very appealing to me.

As an intern, I was introduced to every business unit within the company by the respective managers, and they all encouraged me to ask as many questions as possible. I was also introduced to the project I was going to be working on during my internship. It was a project of standardizing externally reported account data. Much to my surprise, I had full responsibility of the project and any design decisions were mine to take. However, I was still thoroughly guided from both business and senior developers, and any questions I had regarding business logic or code was answered within minutes. Even though I had worked on projects in school, the size of this project towered anything I had ever worked on before. My second project used the data produced by my first project to make accounting of our portfolio easier.

As my internship was ending, I was offered to stay as a student developer, which I gladly accepted. As a student developer I continued my projects and my level of responsibility to the extend it was possible with fewer working hours. During my time as a student developer, I was approached by my manager with the opportunity of doing a project collaboration, which was an idea I was very open to. I was free to choose any topic, even if it was only slightly related to the technology or business domain of Lind Capital. Furthermore, I would get full access to both data and professional back-and-forth with my colleagues.

For my project collaboration I ended up exploring the use of machine learning in financial applications. Both by researching existing solutions and by creating a custom model. This led to the development of several components to plug into Lind Capital’s existing data streams to collect data from the markets to use in our application. Developing these applications had us introduce several new technologies. All of which are now adopted by Lind Capital for daily development use. I feel my project had a huge impact on Lind Capital, and the general curiosity I was met with by colleagues regarding the project was amazing. I am certain it was an experience I would not have had anywhere else.

My decision to intern at Lind Capital changed and challenged me in many ways, and I am, without a doubt, a better developer because of it.

Note: If you are interested in doing an internship within software development at Lind Capital, click here

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