From Referee to Finance Manager

Nicolai Vollquartz is one of the most experienced referees in the Danish Superliga. Up until 2010 he also officiated matches under the International Football Association, FIFA. This resulted in numerous football matches in the UEFA Cup, UEFA Champions League, as well as in different championship qualifications. Today, he is Finance Manager at Lind Capital.

The average age of people at Lind Capital is 34,6 years, hence it is no secret that Nicolai Vollquartz is one of the more experienced people at Lind Capital. However, since he started in the company back in 2012 he has found LC, and the job in finance and accounting, to be ideal for him. Among other things, he says it’s because the company values relate to those of his own, and because he’s certain that the unique company is rare to find elsewhere. 

Nicolai tells his story in this this blog entry:

The culture at Lind Capital is quite unique. We can all recall those days waking up feeling tired with no energy, but the positive vibe you meet entering the office has an impact on all of us. It is a place where everyone does their best to reach our common goal. I might value these things higher than my younger colleagues because I have been employed different places, and therefore I know that this type of company culture should not be taken for granted.

The path to Lind Capital
In the late 80s, I started as an auditor and following I completed an HD in accounting. I was also enrolled in Aarhus Business School (cand.merc.aud) before my passion being a football referee became more time consuming. After 14 years as elite referee with matches in 41 different countries and many experiences later, it was time for me to find a more ‘regular’ job within the area of finance and accounting. But – I was not just looking for a new job. I found myself looking for a new identity as well. When I could not call myself an elite referee anymore, then who was I?

When I started at Lind Capital in 2012, I met a young company growing enormously. However, the development of the support functions had not followed at the same pace. Lind Capital was clearly in a process of learning, and I saw an opportunity to shape the accounting function. Both regarding various procedures and the accounting set-up. 

Today, the complexity of our business models and the way we execute our strategies evolves daily. Fortunately, I am a part of a competent, ambitious, and dedicated group of people where we combine competence, an open mindset, and teamwork to discover new and smarter solutions to the benefit of Lind Capital today and tomorrow.

A part of Lind Capital for 8 years and running
My job is to ensure that we comply with the financial statements act, accounting acts, the Danish bookkeeping act, reporting to SKAT and other official authorities. Moreover, I develop the annual report, which reflects the financial state of the company.

Numbers, rules, laws, and compliance have always been appealing to me, and I thrive in a job where targets can be specifically measured. Also, I thrive in a job where there is a certain amount of pressure to deliver, and a certain amount of responsibility in a challenging workday. This sparked my passion being a referee, and it was what I missed when I ended that career. However, it was exactly what I found at Lind Capital where there is an ambitious environment and where we fight shoulder by shoulder to make great results.

– Nicolai Vollquartz

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