Climbing the career ladder in Lind Capital

Today, Niklas Ulhøi holds the position as US Manager, but his journey in Lind Capital began in 2015, when he was an Intern.

At Lind Capital we see our people as our greatest asset, and employee development is a central part of our culture, focusing on giving our bright people the best prerequisite for both personal and professional development. If you show that you are proactive and take initiative, it is certainly possible to climb a career ladder in Lind Capital. Both as leader or as specialist there’s plenty of opportunities to pursue in line with your ambitions, and we believe in giving our people an environment in which they can flourish.

An example of someone who has climbed the career ladder at Lind Capital, is Niklas Ulhøi. In four years, he went from Intern in team Quantitative Research, to Manager of our US trading team. Here’s what he has to say about his journey:

“If you position yourself as someone who wants to grow within your organization, opportunities are more likely to come your way. Furthermore, it is my experience that clear communication with your nearest team manager is essential. When you communicate you ambitions to your manager, you will most likely be considered when an opportunity comes up. This point is quite relevant in a smaller organization as Lind Capital where the career ladder can be less visible compared to a larger organization with many layers.

My advice to people with high ambitions is to stay updated within your field and your company’s industry. It will enable you to learn more and to achieve greater impact. As a result, you will be prepared when higher-level positions open up because your skills and knowledge will have expanded. Furthermore, a can-do attitude is essential for enhancing your career, and commitment is what ultimately gets you noticed. Leaders like to see you go beyond the scope of your own position in order to recognize a collaborator who wants to grow, who is an ally for fellow employees, and who encourages cohesion.

It’s easy to assume you need to change employer to advance, but before you jump ship, evaluate the opportunities that you have to grow within your own organization. You might find that you can travel the farthest by staying close to home”.

– Niklas

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