Senior Risk Controller

“At LC everyone has a voice and you are expected to express your ideas and thoughts because together we lead the company to success”

Senior Risk Controller

Maria graduated from Aarhus BSS with a Master in Finance before she headed to Copenhagen for a Graduate position. After almost six years, she was ready to return to Aarhus, where she has been a part of Lind Capital’s Middle Office team as Senior Risk Controller since February 2019.

Becoming a bigger piece in a smaller puzzle

After I graduated from Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences, I moved to Copenhagen to pursue a graduate position at Nykredit. After more than five years at Nykredit, it was time for me to try something new, and I returned to Aarhus for a position at Lind Capital.

Lind Capital employs around 45 people, which is a rather small organisation compared to where I came from. However, being a part of a smaller organisation clearly has its advantages. The professional toolbox you work with is much wider than in a large organisation where you often specialize within a narrow field. It means you get involved in the business in a much broader way, and it is easier to understand how teams and individuals are involved in various processes or parts of processes. As a consequence, I feel closer to Lind Capital’s core business than would be the case in a larger organisation. In my job I find that to be a huge advantage, as it enables me more easily to identify possible improvement areas within our internal risk management.

Co-operation across teams

As a part of a smaller organization, you naturally get to know a wide range of colleagues across different teams. This is great when it comes to creating a multidisciplinary collaboration which actually works. Our close cross-team collaboration also contributes to fully understand where your work brings value and where you contribute to the overall success of LC’s business. This advances a great sense of ownership related to the journey of making Lind Capital grow, and a strong feeling that every team is of equal importance. This is something I find highly motivating in my daily work, and I see it as a huge advantage for smaller businesses compared to larger ones.

Lind Capital as workplace

At Lind Capital everyone’s ideas and thoughts are welcome, and it is expected that you state your opinion. Furthermore, I consider Lind Capital to be a very professional company. People are hardworking and eager to support the targets set by the management. Lastly, I would describe LC as an ambitious workplace. We have ambitious targets, and my colleagues are ambitious by nature.