Trader Graduate

“The 6 months I was a Trader Graduate at Lind Capital was beyond exciting and challenging. There continues to be so many new things to investigate and learn, and being part of Lind Capital is never boring.”

Former Trader Graduate

Mads started as an Intern at Lind Capital in autumn 2018 and continued working in the company afterwards as Assistant Analyst in team Quantitative Research. From September 2019, he took over yet another position at Lind Capital; this time as Trader Graduate. Today Mads is employed as Trader in our US team.

My time as an Intern at Lind Capital

During my internship in the Quantitative Research team at Lind Capital, I learned how to put my theoretical knowledge into practical research work. As Intern I was a part of the team on equal terms with my colleagues, and I was challenged from day 1. I was involved in large projects where I quickly learned how to navigate within the financial markets, where not two days are the same. Even though there is a fast-paced environment in Lind Capital, I was given the time to work thoroughly with my tasks, and my colleagues were always helpful whenever I needed feedback.

The idea of spending time on my theoretical master thesis while working at a highly relevant and interesting company was very appealing to me, and therefore I immediately accepted the position as student employee which I was offered after ending my internship. During this time, I got valuable hands-on experience and learned a lot about the entire trading industry.

Being part of a great culture with awesome colleagues

A big part of life is spent at the office, and as a consequence it is important for me to work at a company, which I am proud of, and enjoy being a part of. While working as student employee at Lind Capital, I continued to develop my professional competences, and I saw some interesting future opportunities for Lind Capital. At the same time, the culture really matches my personality and therefore I decided to pursue a career as Trader Graduate at Lind Capital.

Being a part of a great social environment, both at work and outside office hours, is very important to me, and it is something Lind Capital offers. From different in-house events, Friday bars, and the way we celebrate our successes together to after-hours net cafe and board games cafe. More specifically, when I arranged a company event and more than 50% of my colleagues across the organization participated, I was hooked.

Trader Graduate at Lind Capital

For 6 months I was a Trader Graduate at Lind Capital and it was beyond exciting and challenging. Even though I had been a part of the quantitative research team for about a year prior to my graduate employment, there continues to be so many new things to investigate and learn. The financial markets are constantly changing, and hence it is very important to continue to develop and explore new ideas and way of thinking in order to succeed. Being part of Lind Capital is never boring.

Besides the obvious awesome culture and colleagues, LC is very flexible and places great emphasis on one’s well-being and personal goals. Working here is a collaboration between you and the company and thus you have a great deal of responsibility and influence on your career path. The best way to describe this is by giving a unique example, which truly inspired me; a former Trader within LC, with a finance degree, wanted to make a career change towards software development. LC helped him pursue this, and with in-house mentoring, and a lot of learning by doing he now works in the Technology team as Software Developer.