Software Developer

“The best thing about working at LC is the degree of freedom and empowerment you’re given to find the best way to solve the problems at hand.”

Software Developer

Marc holds a position as a Software Developer at Lind Capital. He joined the company in April 2022, and his educational background is a master’s degree in software engineering from SDU in 2020. Before joining Lind Capital, Marc had almost 2 years of prior experience working as a Software Developer.

Working at LC

Initially, LC seemed like a great match for me as it combined my curiosity about financial markets with my skills and interests in software engineering. I also got the impression that people at LC shared my passion for writing high-quality software, and when I first joined the company, I found out  that LC is a workplace where everyone share the common goal of delivering great results.
There are a lot of highly skilled and ambitious people in LC, but there’s also a great focus on the social aspects, as well as the well-being of the individual employees. LC also benefits a lot from being a relatively small company – everyone knows each other, which makes it very easy to just go and talk to the people you need when trying to solve a problem.
Being social is a big part of our culture in LC. We have many events like Friday bars and team events, and you can join different guilds and clubs. Besides that, everyone shows great initiative to see each other outside of work, for instance by going out for lunch or grabbing a beer after work. In my squad, we also try to plan events once in a while, both for social and team-building purposes. We generally have a lot of fun together, which makes it a lot easier to work together.

A typical workday as a Software Developer at LC

Your typical workday depends a bit on which squad you’re in, as every individual squad define how they work. I work in the Trading/Mercury Squad where we are currently trying out a light version of the Scrum concept. So, a typical workday for me would include our daily stand-up meeting and otherwise working on tasks planned for the current sprint or preparing tasks for the next sprint. Except if we find a critical bug or error, then that of course takes priority until it is solved. The best thing about working at LC is the degree of freedom and empowerment you’re given to find the best way to solve the problems at hand.

Co-operation across teams

I find it quite easy to cooperate across teams in LC. We benefit a lot from the entire company being on the same floor in our building. It makes it very easy to go and talk to other teams if one finds  a bug or if the Traders want to request small improvements .
For bigger projects, we utilize our product squads, where each squad has the responsibility for specific products or parts of the business.

When other teams come up with ideas that are relevant for our squad, they will pitch the ideas to us and work closely with us to verify and implement the idea when it gets prioritized.
I think this is a great way of working as  our squad is included early in the process and can influence the way we end up solving the project, ensuring that we get the best possible solutions.