Senior Project Manager

"At LC everyone has a voice and you are expected to express your ideas and thoughts because together we lead the company to success"

Rikke has held different positions during her ten years of employment at Lind Capital. Today she is a part of our Business Development team.


A typical day as Senior Project Manager in Business Development

Not two days are the same in my job, and that is exactly why I love my job. I do not always know how my day will be scheduled meaning that I must be able to deviate from what I had planned.

I often think of myself as an octopus because I am involved in many different projects and tasks that vary in type and size. It can be small tasks that are quickly handled or it can be bigger projects that I work on for several months. Some days, I work on a project presentation and plan the process of implementing a new project or a new product – other days, a task will dump on my desk that requires attention right away.


Co-operation across teams

Many of the projects I am involved in require that I work closely with all other teams in the company. When Business Development presents how we see Lind Capital develop its business, we acknowledge that the development affects not only one team but the entire organisation. This means that I must be deeply involved in how different teams work and what they need in order to succeed with a new business plan.

I try to gather a coherent overview and see it as my finest job to make sure that the internal knowledge across teams will be incorporated in the process of developing Lind Capital, and that we in this way together come up with a solution that meets all needs across the organisation.


Personal and professional development

During the ten years I have worked at Lind Capital (2008-2018), I have been a part of different teams in the organisation. I started as Trader on trading floor before I moved on to the Risk team at our Middle Office, and today, I am a part of the Business Development team – the knowledge I have gathered on my journey at Lind Capital, is knowledge that I benefit from in the job I hold today.

It has been exciting and interesting to be a part of Lind Capital’s journey and see the company develop in so many ways. It is a totally different company that I go to work at today, than it was ten years ago. In the same way that LC has developed over time, so have I at a professional as well as a personal plan, and that is why Lind Capital is still a very attractive workplace for me today.


Lind Capital as workplace

When I describe LC as workplace, I use the word; informal. At Lind Capital everyone’s ideas and thoughts are welcomed and it is expected that you state your opinion. Furthermore, I would say that Lind Capital is a very professional company. People are hardworking and wish to contribute and support the targets set up by the management. Last, I would describe Lind Capital as an ambitious workplace. We have ambitious targets and my colleagues are ambitious by nature.

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