Building high performing trading infrastructure

In November, 2021, we welcomed Søren Caspersen as Lead Architect in Lind Capital. Søren came from a position as Head of Trading System Development in Finalto. Finalto is a UK regulated company offering trading systems and solutions to multi-asset brokers, but Søren was operating from its Copenhagen-based office, where he also lives today. 

With more than 20 years of experience within tech, finance, and building high performing trading infrastructure, Søren has the perfect background to fit just into Lind Capital and the growth journey we are on. Almost a year after his first day at our office, we thought we would ask Søren to tell about his first impression of LC, and why he thought Lind Capital was an interesting place to join.

“I first noticed Lind Capital several years ago. I have worked two decades with trading technology, so I took a natural interest when I accidentally fell over a job listing from Lind Capital. After all, there are not that many (small) trading firms in Denmark. The listing did not really match my qualifications, so I did not get in touch with Lind Capital until years later, when I learned that they were looking for tech talents.

When I first started in Lind Capital, I immediately noticed the friendly and energetic vibe that exists in the office. Lind Capital does a lot to ensure a friendly work environment, and you feel that. Lind Capital also does a lot to ensure a pipeline of young talents from the local Universities, which I believe brings a lot of energy and fresh ideas to the company.

I have worked both in a large bank but also in small fintech companies, and I have learned that I gain much more satisfaction if I feel close to both the problems and the decision making. In that respect, Lind Capital has a good size. Small enough that you as an individual can make a real difference, but big enough that the challenges you get to tackle are complex and exciting. Also, Lind Capital only manages own funds, which to me makes a real difference: It is not some random account that wins or loses depending on our performance. It is the success or failure of our own effort that determines our fate.

In our trading environment, you will find a sense of “urgency”, which may be appealing to technologists who enjoy making a difference and seeing their software “live” in real life. There is a lot of money on the line, so if we make a mistake, it does not go unnoticed. For a technologist, the trading domain is really interesting: throughput, latency, resiliency, and time-to-market are all essential, and as technologists we have to try to strike the right balance every day. Among other things, that is why I think it is really interesting to be a part of Lind Capital.”

The future of trading

“Regardless of Lind Capital’s future trading strategies, one thing is certain – data will become even more important. Along with large volumes of data come super exciting challenges on the technology side. Both in terms of real time processing but also in terms of research on historic data that forms the basis of our trading strategies. The spectrum of challenges is literally unbounded, and I am super excited to be a part of that journey in Lind Capital.”

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