Business Development doubles up

Blog entry by Director, Business Development, Palle Broman

Blog entry June 21, 2017.

During summer, Christian Rix Nielsen will have his first day in our Business Development team. Christian comes from a position as lecturer at the University of Aarhus. After the employment of Christian, we are two full time employees working with business development in Lind Capital. Business development is highly import to Lind Capital, and with development in focus we need to be ready to act on the possibilities that arise in the wake of MiFID II, and the changes the capital markets will go through afterwards.

Post MiFID II, we know that the market structure will change within almost every instrument. Furthermore, we know that MiFID II entails big amounts of trading data to become available. Both will benefit Lind Capital and the business model we have used during the last 10 years, where technology and market knowledge are in focus/have been our focus.

Through his scientific work, Christian has gained huge knowledge of financial trading data. His research is conducted at the University of Aarhus and at UCLA Anderson in California respectively – always with focus on “Strategic Investment”. His public PhD defence; “Screening and Signalling in the Financial Literature” concerned the role of accounting information according to price formation in listed stocks. Christian sought to convert data into a trading strategy, which is the essence of the work we do at Lind Capital in 2017. We gain insight, develop models and form investment strategies. Many are better than us to predict where and how the markets move, and that might be why we do not do traditional portfolio management. However, we believe that we are among the best, when it comes to using market information and creating information based short term trading models.

When this is said, we are also aware that one always can do better, and we believe that the employment of Christian is a step in this direction. In the short run, Christian will get his hands dirty in relation to trading on the financial markets, even though this has been an important element in his research, and we expect Christian to have a positive impact on Lind Capital’s strategy in a short period of time. We want to act in the new market structure, and we will be ready when it is launched at the end of 2017.

Yes, MiFID II brings along a number of challenges but out of these challenges come opportunities. At Lind Capital and in our Business Development team we focus on these opportunities, and we are more than ready to seize them.

We look forward to a very exciting 2018, and with Christian on the team it can only get even more interesting.


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