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LC Community builders

At Lind Capital, we proudly foster a set of diverse communities. These communities have become a core part of our identity and a driving force

Unfold your potential

Four of our Student Workers, and former Interns, recently graduated and are now a part of Lind Capital full time. We asked them to elaborate

Top in class employee satisfaction

In Lind Capital we always strive to attain the highest level of job satisfaction among all our employees. Every year, we conduct an anonymous people

Challenging the existing for 15 years

Over the past decade, the financial markets and the technology industry have undergone significant transformations, which evidently have had an enormous impact on where Lind

A Software Developer in Lind Capital

Blog entry by Raphael Neumann, Software Developer in Lind Capital. In this blog entry, Raphael Neumann shares his thoughts on moving from Aalborg to Aarhus

A 90/10 principle

In Lind Capital, we have a strong focus on developing our organisation because we believe we can grow and scale Lind Capital even further. Our

From Referee to Finance Manager

Nicolai Vollquartz is one of the most experienced referees in the Danish Superliga. Up until 2010 he also officiated matches under the International Football Association,

A career within quantitative research

In this blog entry Morten Birkmose shares his experience with a number crushing role as Quantitative Analyst at Lind Capital. Morten holds a Master’s degree

Internship & Project Collaboration

Blog entry by Senior Software Developer, Jonas Agger Jørgensen. My career in Lind Capital started as an intern. Originally, I had always seen myself going

Keeping your head cool

The coronavirus created some hectic weeks for our traders, to say the least. In this blog entry Joacim, Senior Trader at Lind Capital, tells you

Inspiring environment on trading floor

Blog entry by Director, Head of Trading, Henrik Tveteraas. My biggest goal is to create the most inspiring and developmental environment on our trading floor.

10 years with Lind Capital

Blog entry by founder of Lind Capital, Henrik Lind On the 7th of March 2007, Lind Capital was founded. We identified inefficiencies on the market