A part of the Lind Capital journey for 13 years

13 years ago, Rikke Madsen graduated from Aarhus University and landed her first job as Trader at a newly founded company called Lind Finans. Today, Rikke is still a part of the company, which is now called Lind Capital. Today she holds a position as Senior Project Manager where she uses her unique knowledge to manage cross-team projects.  

Where the journey started

“After graduating from Aarhus University, I started my career as a Trader in a newly founded company, which was called Lind Finans (today; Lind Capital). Back then Lind Capital only employed 4 people, and our approach was characterized by an entrepreneurial mindset. We all contributed with all kinds of manual work besides trading. We reconciled bookings, calculating the daily PL numbers, installed computers, and did the grocery shopping.

I worked as a Trader for a few years before I moved on to help establish our Middle Office team, and for the last four years, I have been working with project management in Lind Capital. To begin with, I was managing projects within business development and post trade processes, but today I work as Senior Project Manager.

During my 13 years at Lind Capital, I have witnessed the company develop in so many ways, and today it is a completely different company, compared to when I had my first day at the office in 2008, and it has both been exciting and interesting to be a part of Lind Capital’s journey.

As Lind Capital has developed over the last 13 years, so have I. Due to the different roles and areas of responsibilities I have had, I have been on a development journey too. Both on a professional as well as a personal level. Even though I have been employed in the same company for 13 years, it feels as if I have had multiple different jobs, and due to Lind Capital’s journey, it feels as if it has been in different companies.

Today, I have around 50 great colleagues working in different teams. Every team has its main area of focus, and my colleagues are specialists within their specific area. The fact is that the journey has just begun, hence Lind Capital is still a very attractive workplace for me today. Looking at my colleagues, many of them have also been a part of Lind Capital for quite some years, and I think it says a lot about the company.

Working as Senior Project Manager

Today I use my experience, and my in-depth knowledge about LCs business, in almost every aspect of my work. As Senior Project Manager, I am often involved in projects from the initial idea phase, until the project is executed in the build phase, and implemented in the organisation. My responsibility is to ensure that the project is well documented and that the end product is in fact what we wanted. Afterward, I initiate follow-up meetings with different internal stakeholders to ensure ongoing progress throughout the build phase. Furthermore, I am involved in planning and prioritizing the strategic project pipeline of Lind Capital, and I manage the progress and status of all cross-team projects involving our Technology team.

Since most of my work is project-based, I rarely have two similar days. I often think of myself as an octopus because I am involved in many different projects and tasks, varying in terms of scope and type. Some projects are within areas where I have a lot of experience and others are not. However, since I enjoy learning new things and broaden my perspective, I thrive in both types of projects.

The projects I am involved in often require that I work and communicate closely with all teams in the organisation. The fact that I am a big part of knowledge sharing in Lind Capital, is one of the things I find most exciting about my job.

The key to celebrate 13 years at Lind Capital

When I think of Lind Capital, I first and foremost describe the company culture as ambitious but informal. Thoughts and ideas are always welcomed, and the best argument always wins – not the level of seniority. Everyone is encouraged to think outside the box and challenge the existing, because being a part of Lind Capital means that you play an important role in both problem solving and decision-making activities.

As a part of Lind Capital, you will quickly learn that there is a continuous focus on strengthening our internal knowledge environment, meaning we invest in the development of every employee’s professional competence based on both personal and business-related needs. Moreover, my colleagues are all hardworking and ambitious by nature and we all focus on creating the best results across the organisation. At the same time, we enjoy each other’s company, and make sure to have fun together. That is why I am still a part of Lind Capital’s journey today.”

– Rikke

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