A Day in the Life of a Student Worker in Lind Capital

We have asked three of our Student Workers to elaborate on what it is like being a part of Lind Capital and what a typical day looks like as a Student Worker in Lind Capital. 

Mads Petersen-Westergaard, Assistant Analyst


Mads Petersen-Westergaard is Assistant Analyst in our Trading Models squad. Mads is currently studying a master’s degree in mathematical-economics with a specialization in mathematical finance.

“My studies in mathematical
economics have taught me about general programming in Python, and I have also taken a course in Machine Learning. This knowledge is directly applicable to the analysis and modelling I do at Lind Capital. Additionally, the mathematical courses have given me a solid foundation in logical thinking, which is very useful when programming. I have not been able to apply any of the rigorous mathematical proofs in my work at Lind Capital yet, but I hope I get the chance.

On a typical workday, I start the day with a double cup of coffee. I usually have a Python project open, which concerns some hedging analysis. At 08:45, we have a stand-up meeting with the rest of the Trading Models squad where we each outline our plans for the day and occasionally address immediate questions. After the meeting, I continue working on the Python project. Throughout the day, whenever I need assistance, I ask questions to colleagues around me, who are always eager to help. That’s typically how my day unfolds.

I’ve found that LC provides a high degree of trust and responsibility. I’m assigned important and challenging tasks, which is very motivating for me. The best thing about being a student worker at LC is the flexibility and trust. I really appreciate being able to work whenever and wherever I want.”

Maria Færk, Assistant

Maria Færk is our People and Communication Assistant, and she is currently on her 5th semester studying for a bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration. Her perspective on life as a student worker in LC is as follows:

As a student, I have a lot of flexibility in my job, which I truly value. It is entirely up to me when I want to work and how I structure my days. At Lind Capital, they place a lot of trust and responsibility in you from the get-go. The learning curve is steep, and you’re among colleagues who genuinely want to see you grow and support you in every possible way.  

In my role, I primarily assist with various HR and Communication tasks and a typical workday involves tackling a range of projects. Within employer branding and communications, my responsibilities include creating content for social media,  video production, and generating content for our intranet.  Effective communication is vital as a great deal of my time is spent creating content about LC and its employees across the organization. I typically work very independently with my projects and tasks, but I often discuss projects or tasks with my team. On larger projects or when planning bigger events, I usually work closely with other members of my team.

As a part of my work, I am responsible for the Student & Intern network, one of many social communities in LC. This community allows student workers across the organization to catch up while having a lot of fun together. On top of that, there are many different events and parties to participate in throughout the year, and there is always very big support when it comes to participating. People genuinely enjoy each other’s company and see LC as more than just a work.

Lucas Braae Andersen, Assistant Analyst


Lucas Braae Andersen, our Assistant Analyst in US Trading, is on his 3rd semester of a master’s degree in economics and management.


“From my studies in economics and management, I can confidently integrate my academic learning into my role at Lind Capital. My grasp on econometrics and data analysis has been instrumental in my tasks, given that we employ numerous statistical tools and models for our data evaluations.

On a typical workday, I usually handle diverse projects, ranging from event studies to determine the practical profitability of a trader’s idea, assisting in exploring methods to optimize our hedge or developing tools for the traders’ utilization. At times, I collaborate with a colleague on a particular initiative, but more often, I undertake projects independently. Nonetheless, whenever challenges arise, I can always rely on the support of my colleagues. Whether I require insights from a trader, assistance from the tech team, or input from Quantitative Analysis team, everyone is consistently eager to lend a hand.

What I truly value about my position at LC is the blend of autonomy and responsibility. The organization places immense trust in our capabilities, ensuring our perspectives and ideas are always given due consideration. When a project is handed over, it’s truly yours — it’s up to you to manage your time and define its boundaries. And amidst this independence, it’s reassuring to know that there’s always a team of highly competent and approachable colleagues available for guidance or to address any questions.”

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