A career within quantitative research

In this blog entry Morten Birkmose shares his experience with a number crushing role as Quantitative Analyst at Lind Capital. Morten holds a Master’s degree in Finance from Aarhus University, Business & Social Sciences, and started as Intern at Lind Capital back in August 2016.

Why should someone consider a career within quantitative research at Lind Capital?
If you love numbers and enjoy working with large amounts of data and finding patterns within data, you’d probably be into quantitative research too. In the quantitative research team at Lind Capital you’ll get to explore and put financial models into practice. Additionally, you develop and test different trading strategies under realistic conditions.

Before you pursue a career within team QR at Lind Capital, it’s an advantage if you have an understanding of the financial markets, love programming, and are able to keep a sense of perspective. Furthermore, you must be thorough and eager when it comes to optimising what already exists — whether it’s in terms of programming or model forecasting. Financial markets, and legislation within this area, change rapidly, making quantitative research at Lind Capital really exciting. There’s a constant need for developing new and optimising current trading strategies because the best strategy today may not be favourable in 3-5 years. So, if you’re comfortable working in a fast-developing and dynamic environment, you should consider joining team QR at Lind Capital!

Why did you end up as Quantitative Analyst at Lind Capital?
One year into my Master’s degree within Finance I was eager to find a student job which was relevant to my studies. I was hoping it could help me clarify what type of career I should pursue after graduating. I found out that Lind Capital was looking for an Intern, and the job description matched the skills I had developed during my studies, and it was within an area I thought would be exciting to work with.

As an Intern, I got a lot of responsibility through some exciting projects, and I quickly learned that the job as quantitative analyst was the perfect match for me. Before starting my internship at Lind Capital, I didn’t pay close attention to the financial markets, but because of the job it has since grown into a great interest of mine.

What do you love about your job?
What I really love about my job is that I get to immerse myself in projects. In addition, employee development is a priority at Lind Capital. Both personal development but also when it comes to participating in courses, continuing education, conferences, etc. to enhance your professional skill set. I really appreciate the say I have in relation to my tasks and how I want to solve them, and it reflects that there is a great degree of freedom with responsibility at Lind Capital. Many of the projects I work with go across teams, which I really enjoy as I appreciate close collaboration with others.

I love to nerd out and be completely immersed in a project, and I’m motivated by challenging work processes and models. Due to Lind Capital’s independent status and size we are very agile and we can execute incredibly quickly from thought to action, which is very appealing to me. Also, I’m very excited and grateful that I get to work with a lot of talented and ambitious colleagues, which keeps me inspired every day at work. Teamwork within our quantitative research team and across teams is a key motivator in my job!

If you join Lind Capital, you’ll find a great work environment, ambitious colleagues, over the top social events, investment in personal development and professional training, as well as a healthy work-life balance. Furthermore, there’s a really unique culture that I believe you would need to experience to fully understand.

Do as Morten and kick-start your career at Lind Capital by applying for an internship within team Quantitative Research here 

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