A big piece in a smaller puzzle

Blog entry by Maria Hjorth Christiansen, Senior Risk Controller

Maria has been a part of Lind Capital for the last six months. Before, she was employed at Nykredit for more than five years, which has granted her great insight into the difference between being part of a large organisation versus a smaller one.

“I graduated from Aarhus BSS, but moved to Copenhagen after my studies to start a graduate-position at Nykredit. After more than five years at Nykredit it was time to try something new, and back in February this year, I was hired as Senior Risk Controller at Lind Capital and returned to Aarhus.

When you are a part of a smaller organisation, like Lind Capital is with its approx. 45 employees, you become involved in the business in a very broad way. Also, the professional toolbox you work with is much wider than in a large organisation, where you often specialise within a narrow field. After only six months at Lind Capital, I have already gained a deep knowledge of several parts of our business, and it has been both easier and faster to understand how teams and individuals are involved in various processes or parts of the processes. As a consequence, I feel less distant from Lind Capital’s core business, than would often be the case in a large organisation. This is especially an advantage for me, as it enables me to more easily identify possible improvement areas to our internal risk management.

One of the things I find extra valuable about being part of a smaller organisation is that, in many ways, everything is more efficient. For example, when we find room for improvement or optimisation related to our business processes, risk management or any other area, it is much easier to get top management approval and take action, because Lind Capital is a simply-structured, horizontal organisation. This means decisions are taken and executed much faster than in for instance larger organisations, where these processes often are far more time-consuming and bureaucratic, typically requiring long mail correspondences or filling out internal forms, before anyone is even allowed to take action.

As part of a smaller company, you naturally get to know a wide range of colleagues across teams. This is great when it comes to creating a multidisciplinary collaboration that actually works. There is a much greater sense of ownership on the journey to making Lind Capital grow, and a feeling that every team is of equal importance. This close cross-team collaboration, combined with being involved in a broader part of the business, means that you 100% understand where your work brings value and where you contribute to the overall success of our business. I find this to be highly motivating, and I think it is a great advantage for smaller businesses over larger ones.

The close collaboration in our daily work also creates a thriving social environment at the office. When we all feel partly responsible for Lind Capital’s success, it creates a great sense of team spirit across the organisation and overall, I find it more satisfying being a big piece in a smaller puzzle than a small piece in a giant puzzle”.

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