A 90/10 principle

In Lind Capital, we have a strong focus on developing our organisation because we believe we can grow and scale Lind Capital even further. Our continuous focus on tomorrow’s Lind Capital is influenced by our entrepreneurial mindset, where we chal­lenge status quo and constantly look for ways to do things smarter.

As a continuation of this mindset, and the culture we live by at Lind Capital, is our internal 90/10 principle. The 90/10 principle urges every employee to spend an average of 10% of their work capacity on new ideas, methods, technologies, or similar. Of course, some of our employees spend more of their time on research and development as a part of their daily work, but the difference is that these 10% can be used on something of their own choice and curiosity.

The principle is well integrated in Lind Capital and is added to our performance appraisals and thereby included in every employees’ targets. Why? Because we want to stress that we prioritise time for research and learning, and we believe it to be beyond important if we want to continue the development of Lind Capital and our people.

Rasmus Vinther is a Quantitative Analyst in Lind Capital’s Quantitative Research team. Here, he elaborates on how and why he has embraced the 90/10 principle:

The 90/10 principle allows me to dig into new ideas and prioritise time to develop my professional skills within the quantitative research field. To be allowed, and even encouraged, to spend time exploring subjects of my own choosing, during working hours, is a motivational booster and enhances my creativity and innovative way of thinking.

I firmly believe that the 90/10 principle supports the continued focus on developing Lind Capital. I often find that skills and professional competencies, I have enhanced through the 10%, become useful at some point in my day-to-day work. I also believe that seeking ideas in the peripheral, without a clear, predefined objective, fosters alternative, innovative solutions improving what already exists and exploring potential problems, which otherwise may not have been discovered. So, not only do I find the principle to be a great initiative when it comes to the self-development of me and my colleagues, but I also believe that the principle is a major contributor to the development and growth of Lind Capital.

Lately, I have used my 10% researching for new methods to handle programmatic challenges and I have also done some explorative analysis of potential new trade areas. Most recently, I used the 10% to, out of pure curiosity, investigate the statistical properties of one of our trading signals. I found some interesting results, which I brought to a team meeting and presented to the rest of my team, and now the project is a part of our project pipeline in team Quantitative Research!

– Rasmus Vinther

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