10 years with Lind Capital

Blog entry by founder of Lind Capital, Henrik Lind

On the 7th of March 2007, Lind Capital was founded. We identified inefficiencies on the market for Danish investment funds and this was the motivation behind the start-up. Since then, the market has evolved, and as the new challenger on the market, Lind Capital had an influence on this. The ever changing market conditions require employees who are adaptable and who maintain flexibility in completing tasks in an ever changing workplace. Therefore, it has been crucial that our employees have had the desire to grow along Lind Capital on this journey. It is no secret that having the right people is our most important asset, as it is essential to us that we stay dynamic in order to keep up with the changing market conditions.

Now 10 years later, we are more than 40 employees at Lind Capital, and during our years as pre-teenagers, we have achieved an accumulated pre-tax profit of more than 100 million DKK. We have developed a strong but flexible business platform, we have gained deep market knowledge on specific markets, and we have created a unique company culture.

So, how did we get this far on this journey? There are several reasons why, but most importantly, we have managed to stick to our values and principles for doing business over the years. This has been crucial when facing challenges on the way, because it has not always been a road without obstacles. However, this was neither to be expected when entering a mature financial market with so many established participants, but we have learned and improved from this adversity.

At Lind Capital, we have a continuous focus on developing an innovative and team oriented culture, where every employee experiences freedom with responsibility, and acknowledgement for strong performances. Our employees are characterised by their desire to question what already exists, thinking out of the box, and finding new ways of optimizing our business while at the same time managing to adapt to changes – and everyone can have the potential to be a part of our journey – with our without experience. It is this entrepreneurship Lind Capital was founded on, and it is still a central part of the company and the employees working here.

In 2007, Lind Capital entered a business where others quickly got to know us as the new market challenger. This business approach also characterises the rest of the Lind Group, and it is something that will continue to characterize us, because it is what defines us as the different and dynamic challenger on the markets.

I am proud of what the employees of Lind Capital have achieved – and with the platform they have created, the future looks promising when it comes to both handling future challenges and opportunities.

/Henrik Lind

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